Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eight Link building ideas for Websites

If you need to promote your corporate website, you will find out that this is not an easy job. Self-promotion via forums or blog comments is often eliminated as SPAM and many website owners doesn’t like to link to your site because you offer a product or service. We all know that inbound links are important to get high-listed in search engines like Google. So what do you need to do to get links to your site? In this article we will suggest things which should work for most of the websites on the Internet.

Here are the natural links building ideas:

  • Write your Blogs frequently
  • Write content for 3rd party websites
  • Promote all articles via social networks
  • Get links from customers or partners
  • Offer freebies
  • Submit your press releases
  • Ask for a product review
  • Create a second blog

Do you know some nice link building techniques? Please share them below as a comment..


Manoj Kumar Singh

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