Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quality Score Bug Hits Google Ad-Words Accounts

Are you a Google AdWord advertiser suffering from sleepless nights due to a sudden poor quality score from Google? Well you can rest assured you’re not doing anything wrong. There’s a glitch in the AdWords quality program – a ‘score bug’ is affecting your AdWords reports.

Every Google adword advertiser knows the importance of getting a good quality score from Google as their cost per click prices depend solely on this score. With a bad quality score your CPC prices will inflate and will force you to bid a higher price which is not good news during the holiday season.

About three weeks ago Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land reported on a similar problem that hit Google AdWords creating turmoil for many advertisers by giving them poor quality score reports overnight. At the time, a Google representative assured all advertisers that the problem had been solved but it seems the bug is back again.

Here is the latest statement issued by Google on the AdWords Help forum:

It is understood that what is being described here is what appears to be a similar but separate issue that folks started seeing on Friday evening, November 19th. Engineering is taking a look into this, as a priority – and I will report back in this thread when I know more. In the meantime, my apology for the inconvenience and upset this issue has caused you.

So a word of caution to all Google advertisers would be that if you see any such sudden drops in your quality score reports Do Not Panic! As you just might have been become the latest victim of this bug which is only impacting reporting, not actual scores.

We are now waiting for a final word from Google confirming that the bug has been fixed and will update this post once that happens.


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