Thursday, March 31, 2011

Google Analytics Version 5 to Bring a Better User Experience

Google recently launched a new version of Google Analytics (version 5) with the aim of making it easier and faster for the users to get to the data they want, while also enhancing the Google Analytics platform to introduce major new areas of functionality.

Google stated that the majority of the new features introduced in version 5 are a result of the feedback received from a group of Analytics users who participated in the testing phase.

Some key features of the latest Google Analytics are:

  • New Home Section – where you can find all the account which you have access to
  • Multiple Dashboards – find all the dashboards from a specific account
  • My Site – place where all reports live
  • Custom Reports – you can pre-filter reports and build additional data views
  • New Admin Section
  • Term Cloud Visualization
  • Event Goals – track your goals via PDF or video

You can see how the new version works in the video below that was posted by Justin Cutroni, one of the lucky beta testers.

Google’s Trevor Claiborne said they will gradually roll the new version out to everyone and they eagerly look forward to receiving feed back from all Google Analytic users. Google also stated that using the new version of Google Analytics will not affect user’s website traffic reports and users can continue using the current version of Analytics in conjunction with the new version.

For those who want to participate in the beta testing of Google Analytics Version 5 can visit the beta sign-up page and fill in their details. If you’re lucky enough to become a beta tester, we would love for you to share your thoughts on the new version with us all.


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