Monday, April 18, 2011

How to Make Money with Google AdSense 2011

Google’s AdSense is an attractive revenue making opportunity for small, medium and large web sites since a long time now but it’s against the rule of Google’s AdSense if you are running any website only for AdSense earning for which you need to include a few Affiliate links or sell your own product, too.

Make sure the color of the ads should match the color of your website so that the ads appear as the part of your website. Whenever a visitor clicks on the Google ads on your website you get paid a portion of the advertising revenue. AdSense Earning Tips are:

  • Choose a topic of the website you are comfortable with.
  • Right at least 100 unique articles of 500 words each.
  • Launch your website with 100 articles and regularly add 1-2 articles per day to your website.
  • Put your ads above the fold and in the content.
  • Optimize your website according to the search engines.
  • Review Google Adsense Terms and conditions regularly and make sure that your website is compliant with them.
  • Never click the ads on your website and never tell anyone to do so.
  • Focus on the Search Engines’ traffic and traffic from other related websites.


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    Making Money with Adsense