Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to Check the Keyword Percentage of Your Website

Many of the things come in our mind when we talk about keyword selection for our website. we know that Keyword Density is a percentage of occurrence of keywords to the content in the rest of your website and should have a limit of keyword percentage in our content we write.

It’s very important for our main keywords to have in correct keyword density for getting good ranking in Search Engines. Because search engine work on keyword if we choose good keyword then they will found in first page of search engine. So the primary focus of our articles depends on keyword density these should have maximum 5% in our content word.

Type of keywords: There are two types of keywords in search engine first long tail keywords and short tail keyword. Everyone have confusion on Short tail vs. long tail keywords. They don’t know when they are preparing to optimize their own site on search engines.

Short tail keyword: This short tail keyword plays a vital role in search engine. Short tail depend on one or two word like ‘camera’ and ‘Sony camera’

Long tail keyword: Long tail keywords lead to higher conversions, easier to rank, more visitors to your website advantages of Long Tail Keywords.


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