Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How often should you update your blog for SEO

This isn’t a new question, webmasters continue to ask how often should you update your blog for seo to increase your rankings in the search engines. Most niche marketers would probably agree that the more you update your blog with fresh relative content, the more frequently you’ll be indexed by major search engines and they may increase your ranking accordingly. Also the more you update your blog the more content you’ll have on your niche site – which means more pages to be indexed, more content for your visitors and more ways for you to be ranked.

Now even blogs that are full of computer generated content such as autoblogs, niche article feeds, and spun content will get traffic eventually. If you generate your content you’ll have more pages indexed and a lot more content but to the search engines it won’t appear to be high quality content or at least it shouldn’t according to them. Usually the more often you update your blog the more SEO benefits your website will receive in time.

Some things to consider when updating your blog

- Do it as frequently as you have time.
- If you don’t have time, consider hiring cheap labor to do it for you.
- Quality is better than quantity, I have sites with 10 pages that rank at the top spot for multiple keywords.
- Try to create your own unique content and make it relevant to your niche market.
- Once you’ve updated your blog with new content, build links for SEO benefits.

If you don’t update your blog, will you still gain an seo benefit?

The answer to this question is most definitely yes, all the major search engines take in to consideration how long your sit has been indexed and factor this in their SEO algorithm. It’s better to have your site hosted and indexed on the web, even if you’re not actively building links for seo for this reason alone. Getting your site setup, creating your first content and backlinks is the single most important thing you can do in niche marketing.

Update your blog for SEO and relative content: So the more you update, the more chances you have to rank on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc and the more relative content you’ll have on your site related to your niche. I hope this answers your question on how often to update your blog for seo because I’m ready for bed but I wanted to get another update on this blog – if you know what I mean!


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