Friday, May 6, 2011

How to submit your sitemap to Google, Yahoo and Ask

Sitemaps are a useful tool that lets search engines find pages they may have not known about. Submitting sitemaps makes your site and its contents indexed easily as it provides search engine crawler comprehensive information about your site. Sitemap submission bridges the distance between your site and search engines.

Moreover when you make any changes in your website, these changes are easily tracked and indexed by search engines via your submitted Sitemaps. Once you have enabled the Sitemap feature and published the Store Editor, you can then submit your Sitemap file to Google and Yahoo. You will need to copy the link to your Sitemap file and then go to the search engines to add the Sitemap.

The way of submit your Sitemap to Major Search Engines

1. - Free submit sitemap:

2. - Free submit sitemap:

3. - Free submit sitemap:


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