Friday, May 6, 2011

Social Sites added to Google Realtime Search

Google only included its social search results in real time search, then Twitter feeds started making an appearance and now Google has upped the ante by including a range of new social media sites to its real time search.

Sites now included in real time search include Quora, Buzz, Gowalla, Facebook, MySpace, Google Buzz, FriendFeed and TwitArmy. This indicates that Google has finally realized the importance social signals in making search a better experience.

The update was actually first noticed by one of the sites themselves. Activities on the Quora site, including asking questions, adding answers, voting answers and submitting posts are now being indexed.

Bing also has been reported to be doing similar social research, and including social feeds like status updates and links shared from fan pages on Facebook and Twitter feeds. Given that Bing has a better relationship with Facebook it is expected that Bing will be able to integrate Facebook Open Graph data into its search results.

What other social sites you would like to see included in Google relatime search results? Feel free to share your suggestion below.

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