Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Biggest Way to Make Money with Your Blogs

Blogging is basically an update of your thoughts that you gives to other readers. Unlike a web forum or community website, blogging is a personal publishing system. Anyways, let’s keep the heck of definition away and start the topic.

There could be many way to make money with blogs. Some can bring you a lot while some can give you only few cents/dollars a day. It’s all up to you that how you run your blog and how much of course.

The key to success with blogging is to update your blog as much as you can. Do an update at least 4 times a week and you are not going to lose generic search engine traffic. Because that’s the traffic which brings free money and traffic.

1. Three old words – Sell Advertisement space: Of course selling advertisement space is the biggest way to make money with your blogs. As long as you have enough traffic on your blog, you have the gold chain. If you are starting a blog then choose the topic you can write most because people will stay on your blog as long as they have good information on your blog. Otherwise they will just read and go away forever. To obtain traffic, you might need to read SEO Tips section to learn how to optimize your website search engine friendly and the best way to get backlinks to your blog.

2. Write reviews for other blogs: This is another good way to earn with blogging. Then sign up as blogger and start writing reviews or posts on a topic of advertiser’s choice and give them two or three link backs. This way you get two things. One is the few dollars for writing reviews for advertisers and second is the update of your blog. Yeah, your blog is always up to date to get more traffic from Google and other search engines.

3. Write reviews for affiliate Products: Another way to earn with blogging is to start writing your own reviews or posts on different affiliate products. In an action (e.g. sale or lead) you can get a good amount of commission from your affiliate advertiser. You can sign up for commission junction, some other good affiliate networks and find the product you can write on, and promote. A good and helpful review always returns something. People make plenty of money by running web hosting blogs, web development blogs etc.


  1. thanks for the insight :)

    Trying to sell my own adspace has been a challenge

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