Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ten most important SEO Tips and Tricks

Search Engine Optimization is a very common term like “Blogging” is used now days. Few years back SEO was unknown to 60% of people who use internet and by that time only some SEO professional companies used to optimize website. But now the things are changed, if you are a blog or website owner you can optimize your website and it will make lot of difference.

In this article you will see top 10 Effective SEO tips that make your blog more Search Engine Friendly.

Keywords: Keywords are very important factor in SEO. Collect some of the greatest and most accurate keywords from your blog and write it down or put it to notepad. Always use those keywords in your every new post at least once. If you have Google Webmaster account (If you don’t have, get one right away), try to fetch your most common keywords tracked by Google and note down. Use those in your next post. This habit makes your site always available in SERP.

Social Media Bookmarking: or SMO is another way to get your website popular as well as search engine ranking. Submitting your blogs to Social media gives you free traffic and from word of mouth your sites popularity also goes high. There are several Social Media Bookmarking plug-in available if you use Word Press for your blog, get one and start sending your blogs to web 2.0 websites right now.

Comments on Other Blogs: Collect some popular do-follow blogs and keep commenting on them, search for do-follow blogs using Google and add them to your list. Commenting on do-follow blogs gives you valued back links and also the good page rank from Google. Commenting only niche blogs also gives you high page ranks.

Topic Headline/Header: Your header (Post titles) of the topic in your blog works as a keyword, so always try to use great and SEO friendly headings. For example if you are going to write a how to article, then start with How-To…… , this is because your title already contains the keyword with “How-to” and in SERP it will be highlighted.

RSS feeds: Submit your RSS feed to feed submission websites. This makes your website always available for search engines and also gets you free traffic from those sites.

Update your website: Updating website is like you are feeding to hungry Search engines, publish articles frequently, and make sure after publishing you are doing Social Media submission also.

Blog Submission: There are several blog submission directories are ready to welcome you. Submit your blog and see the traffic flows. Submitting blogs to blog submitting sites also gives you page rank and free traffic.

Forums: Using forums to advertise your blog is another way to get your blog popular. Forums like digital point, Tech support guys and Microsoft support have options to use signature after each posting where you can leave a link to your blog, this gets you free back links and traffic. I mentioned only 3 of them but almost all forums let you have links to your website in signature area.

Guest Article: Writing Guest articles on other blogs will help you gain good page rank and traffic. Almost popular blogs lets its visitors to write guest articles on their blogs. In my blog also you can write guest posts. Please contact me here.

Content is King: Always make sure that, the contents on your blog are top most priority. Do not copy others articles. Google’s SEO TOC says if Google both finds a copied content then your blog is trashed.

I hope this article help someone to understand few key factors of Search Engine Optimization.

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