Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eight advanced Search Engine Optimization Tips

Advanced SEO tips that are very useful to all the blogers will help you in giving some advanced SEO blogging tips. If you are aiming to raise your blog’s visibility, consider these following tips:-

Use SEO friendly blogging software: If you want to advance your blog site, you should use SEO friendly blogging software. There are many blogging software’s available in the market.

Be consistent: Update your blog site frequently. This will help the search engines in ranking your blog site. The minimum frequency of staying your blog site updated is three to four times a week. But, if you can update you blog site more often the better will be your rankings.

Make it interesting: Make sure that you are working on some interesting topics. Maintain the interesting attitude of your blog. This will keep the people in reading your blog to the last content.

Advanced planning: Plan your post in advanced. Think on the topic that you are going to write. Make some effective strategy and give importance to the keywords. Be reminded that the keywords must be important to the topic or your blog’s content.

Make use of headers and sub-headers: Use headers and sub-headers in organizing your content. But, the application of headers and sub-headers will vary to the theme of your blog.

Blog post and site categories: Write a series of blog posts to boost your page rank. Do not forget to make a landing page that will link your topic to all your blog post.

Inbound links: Inbound links or commonly known as “backlinks” are the links pointing to your site and search engines like Google like it when you have thousands of links pointing to your site but sometimes Google penalizes you for it too if you have poor quality and irrelevant backlinks pointing to your site.

Outbound links: This is very helpful for your blog, since by placing an outbound link you will recommend the reader to visit the other blog site which has more related information on the content or the article published at your blog.

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