Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Five Free Social Media Automation Tools

Social media is probably already a key part of your marketing strategy. But as many of you will attest, doing social media marketing effectively is a rather time consuming process. And when time’s a commodity that many small business owners lack, it helps to have tools to streamline the process.

Here is a short list of social media automation tools that will help you use your time better. My favorite free social media automation tools:

Social Oomph: This is a service that has a free version and a paid version that helps automate and schedule your social media. You can schedule your tweets; create a bigger Twitter profile and more. You’ll need the professional version to be able to schedule and post to your pages and profiles of Facebook.

Hoot suite: This is a fabulous tool to use for Twitter. You can pre-schedule your tweets, monitor keywords, and assign admins and more with this app. It integrates with other apps like too so it is a very useful tool.

Twitter feed: Twitter feed is not just a feed for twitter as the name might suggest. It’s a great way for you to syndicate content (that’s available in a feed) to your other social media profiles…e.g. your latest blog post shared on twitter, Facebook etc.

Gist: I’m only new to Gist, but it’s already proving very useful. Gist combines the information you provide into consolidated Gist profiles. The great thing about Gist is that you can program it to keep track of certain important contacts so that you can monitor them across their social networks and never miss making an important connection. It works online and in your Gmail and Outlook mail.

RSS: Combined with Google Reader RSS, which stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, is a very powerful time management tool so that you can read what you want, all on one page. It keeps you from having to move from site to site to read what is important to you. In addition, you can set it up with keywords combined with Google Alerts to monitor what people are saying about you.

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