Thursday, September 9, 2010

Five SEO Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Here are my top five tips for making your website easy for those "gazillions" to find it.

1. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but search engines don't read pictures. Make sure your key search terms are written out in text, not part of a graphic title you hire somebody to prepare for you. That also means you should not just show pictures of toys, but also write out the names, and possibly a keyword description with the title.

2. Have several pages of articles related to your website's topic. Use a different keyword search term for each article.

3. What's the URL of your website? Your name won't help you there. Your key search term will. Hire somebody who knows what he is doing to develop the right keyword strategy for you BEFORE you choose your domain name.

4. What's the title of your page? I don't know how many times I see titles such as "Article" or "Contact us". Don't expect the search engine robots to get all excited about that term. And don't expect anybody to search for that term, either. By the way, this is the single most important place to include your keyword phrases.

5. What about that navigation menu that appears on every single page of your website?

In fact, there are dozens, if not hundreds of things you can do to win the search engine race. These top five search engine optimization tips are a great start, whatever your website is about.


  1. Some of your tips are no longer valid due to changes in Google's algorithm.