Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Five tips for greater press release exposure

Press releases are a simple way of getting the latest news from your company out to the masses. Traditionally, you wrote a press release and sent it to the media contact to consider putting your news in their newspaper or magazine. However, the internet has now become the fastest and easiest way to get your news in front of more people’s eyes.

Just like your website, you need to optimize your press release to give it the best exposure in the search engines.

Five 5 ways to optimize your press release to gain the best exposure, so I wanted to share these with you:

1. Meet audience demand: Prior to drafting a release, you need to understand what your audience is demanding. Meeting audience demand is integral to accomplishing your press release visibility objectives.

2. Stay focused: By keeping your keywords and topics focused, your release can rank better in search engines and resonate more with media. As you are writing releases, remember you are writing about one topic per release. By segmenting the message or trying to say too much at once, you dilute your key points and take a risk prospects and media will walk away without taking next steps or remembering the point. Keep it simple, focused and impactful.

3. Use images for search: Images can increase the click through rate on releases in both regular and news search by 15 – 25%. It’s a simple step, but can’t be stressed enough. Additionally, using images creates more traction in media – journalists and bloggers both love images as it helps them tell their story.

4. Use videos to engage visitors: By using video in news releases, we have seen up to a 500% increase in time on pages. As the web shifts to a rich media experience, bloggers, media and end users are becoming more accustomed to video. In the future, it may be common that video is included with releases. But since today it is not as frequently used, it’s a chance to make your news stand out.

5. Optimize your release:

a. Anchor text links, b. Alt-tag, c. URL Keyword, d. Description Tag & e. Title of release

And there you have it, five very useful tips to ensure your next press release gets the attention it deserves.


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