Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is your website leaking page rank?

PageRank leakage, you must first understand how PageRank or ‘link juice’ is distributed between various links on a page. Taking a very simplistic view, let’s say that a page has 20 ‘PageRank points’ and passes 100% of its link power to 5 other pages.

Let’s say that your homepage now has 5 additional external links to other web pages. Using the formula above, each link now only carries 2 ‘PageRank points’ with half of your link juice being distributed to other external web pages.

PageRank leakage is when outbound links to external websites give away PageRank that could be better distributed among pages within the website.

The most effective way to prevent PageRank leakage is to eliminate redundant external links. By doing this you will focus PageRank distribution amongst other pages on your website and improve their overall ranking in search results.

Here are some common sources of external pagerank leakage:

  • Footer links – this may contain links to the company who designed your website or the website template you are using
  • Blog roll links – your blog may contain many external blog roll links
  • Advertising links – links to other advertisers can also be a source of PageRank leakage.

Some webmasters have suggested adding a rel=”nofollow” attribute to each external link to prevent this link from passing any PageRank and effectively funneling all link juice internally. Unfortunately, this will not have any real impact as the PageRank for each no follow link is evaporated, reducing the amount of link juice that can be passed to other pages.


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